Should I Purchase Site Preparation for My Storage Shed?

We hear this question a lot! Just this weekend I spoke to a lady who is looking for a building to be used by her children as a playhouse for the next couple of years and then converted to storage space when they were older. She had removed their play set and is planning on placing her new storage building in the same area.

The play set area had been leveled previously. This sounds great, except the 25×20 area was framed with sunken cinder blocks and filled with many layers of mulch to offset the slope in her yard. I suggested that we pull up the cinder blocks and regrade the area for additional yard space and then create a gravel pad for her storage shed. She did not want to pull up the cinder blocks, so we put our heads together to find the best fit for her situation.

Wooden portable storage sheds are very heavy and require an adequate foundation to hold the building level to the ground. If the ground is not prepared correctly, the shed will sink into the ground over time. This shifting causing doors to “rack” or become out of level. A storage shed that is out of level will have doors and windows that “stick” open or closed as well as compromised structural integrity. I recommended our gravel shed site preparation for this customer because she really needed a stronger foundation than a mulch bed for her 12×20 storage building. We guarantee our gravel shed site preparation for a lifetime and she agreed that shed site preparation would be her best bet as well.

Looking at the big picture of her storage shed project, we still had a large area framed in cinder blocks that could be utilized. She liked that building style with a porch nook, but did not want to compromised all the storage space with a porch attached to the building. We talked about the possibility of adding on a wooden deck off the front of the building. This would provide the look she desired without sacrificing storage space but it still didn’t fix the asthetic look of this large raised area in her yard.

Brett arrived at the office while we were discussing these options and suggested building a patio in front of her storage shed. We loved this idea! The raised area would look complete with a nice patio in front of her storage shed. It would also provide a nice area for some patio furniture and a BBQ grill. We basically created another useful & fun living space!

Gravel Site Preparation for portable storage shed

We guarantee our gravel site preparation for a lifetime.

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