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Portable Pavilions

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Intended as a beautiful means of relaxation, pavilions have been an artistic part of western gardens and backyards for centuries. Whether used for summerhouses, religious temples, or simply a sweet piece of shade to catch an afternoon nap in, the tradition of this outdoor haven is long standing.  Today, homeowners typically move every five to ten years, with the creation of portable pavilions, you can create beauty in your backyard, wherever you live.

Portable pavilions provide a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh outdoors, while adding a classical piece of elegance to your space. Nothing will enhance the naturally attractive quality of your property more than this lovely gathering place. Add a few outdoor couches and chairs or fill the space with a table and some barbecuing equipment; either way, portable pavilions provide the ideal haven for your family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. Here, in the shade of the pavilion, you will be refreshed by the breeze and enamored with the dancing sunlight around you. There is no better place to rest, be rejuvenated, and prepare for the week ahead.

We know that every person has their own style and every area is unique. Because we want to ensure that you love every part of our portable pavilions, we give you the chance to custom build your own. Choose from our variety of sizes, colors, posts, and roofing options to create your perfect pavilion. Whether you prefer a sturdy wooden material or want something more convenient like vinyl, you are sure to find a style that will match your space and your personality.