Portable Storage Sheds Can Be Customized Into Portable Ticket Booths

Portable Ticket Booth with Extended Overhang

Portable Ticket Booth

Portable storage buildings are used for more than just storage!

This wooden portable building was custom built for a rural event facility. The location hosts several events through the year, including an Easter egg hunt in the spring and hay rides in the fall. The facility can have several hundred people visit in a single weekend. With so many customers to serve, the current 8×10 ticket booth was not large enough to get their customers through the gates in a reasonable time frame. They needed a larger portable building to accommodate the large crowd buying tickets. We worked with the customer to create a portable storage building that would be large enough to accommodate their large customer base as well as comfortable enough that their staff could process tickets with a smile.

The side entry door has a window for natural light as well as a sturdy lock for security. The ticket windows in this portable ticket booth slide horizontally with ease, while still providing plenty of natural light and viewing area. These windows also protect ticket transactions from the wind. Previously a stiff wind could blow tickets and money right away! This portable ticket booth also has an extended roof over the ticket windows. The overhang provides wonderful protection from the elements such as shade from the summer sun as well as relief from rain or snow.

The inside was finished with an insulated roof which will help to keep the portable ticket booth warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We installed a counter below the ticket booth windows which runs the length of the building. This shelf provides a secure place for employees to count money and store tickets.
This customer has been so pleased with our work over the years that they have purchased several portable storage buildings in a addition to this portable ticket booth. I wonder what we do for you?

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