24×24 Vinyl Modular Garage Delivered to Hagerstown Maryland

24x24 vinyl modular garage

24×24 vinyl modular garage with homestead doors painted almond and Summerton LP windows. Complete with concrete pad with apron.

My customer in Hagerstown Maryland needed a space to store his riding lawn mower and yard equipment.  They decided a 24×24 modular garage would be the best solution.  His home is on a large lot which he maintains with his wife.  He wanted a storage space large enough to house a large tractor and additional yard equipment.  They also needed accessible storage space for winter gear, such as his snow blower.

This project had some special circumstances.  They wanted the new modular garage to replace their current shed.  The current shed was sitting on a old slab of concrete that needed to be removed as well.  The customer also had many items in the shed that he needed hauled to the dump.

We were able create complete this modular garage project as well as handle all of this customer’s special circumstances.  Our site preparation team tore down and hauled away his old storage shed.  We used our dumpster truck to haul away the unwanted articles from his old shed to the land fill for disposal.  We broke apart, dug up, and removed his old concrete pad, which to our surprise had a mattress pad & other household articles buried within it!  Once the space was clear of the previous building we completed a monolithic concrete pad per local code requirements.

We created the perfect modular garage for this customer by designing with a couple special elements.  We upgraded his garage door to homestead doors with windows and painted them almond to create a custom appearance.  We also painted the side door almond as well.

The specifics of this modular garage are as follows:

24×24 Vinyl Modular Garage
Breakup existing concrete pad Tear down existing shed
Hauling tractor & other “junk”
Upgrade Garage doors to Homestead Doors in Almond

Paint House Door Almond

Pour new pad for 24×24 building, 16″ deep on footers with steel in slab with 2′ apron, grade and seed.

Walls: Monteray Sand
Trim: Monteray Sand
Shutters: Reihl Green
Shingle: Hickory

I was happy we could provide this customer with the perfect modular garage. I would love to help you too, please contact me at info@4-Outdoor.com. You may also call me at the Boonsboro office (7740 Old National Pike, Boonsboro Maryland) at 301-432-5544.

-Lesli Cochran

4-Outdoor is the ONLY company that offers top quality sheds & garages, handles the grading & site preparation for you, and beats any written estimate by $50!

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