Hardscape Design – Extend Living Space with a Backyard Living Room

Quality hardscape design can extend your living space by creating a relaxing and comfortable backyard living room.

Hardscape ideas in Frederick, Maryland

The hardscape design created an inviting and functional fireplace, wired for a television and complete with wood storage areas.

Many people today work in an office and would like to spend more time outside, breathing fresh air but do not have a comfortable space to enjoy at home. We designed this backyard living room for this very reason. Our customer loved the outdoors and wanted to spend more time enjoying their lovely and spacious backyard. They were tired of working in a office all day only to come home and spend their evenings inside as well.

Luckily, for them the weather in Maryland is perfect to enjoy backyard space with an outdoor living room season after season as long as some heat source is provided.

Swim Spa Frederick Maryland

Swim Spa purchased & installed by 4-Outdoor built into deck and tied into hardscape design.

This customer also needed more space to enjoy their backyard because they were spending more time outside since purchasing a swim spa from us a year prior to this hardscape design work.

They enjoy entertaining with their swim spa on their deck but wanted to extend their outdoor living space as well create a better looking backyard. They wanted the ability to provide a heated area to enjoy watching their favorite television show or sporting event. We met with these customers on several occasions to create the perfect hardscape design for their needs. We created a beautiful outdoor fireplace which provides warmth on chilly fall evenings as well as a cozy home feel.

Frederick Maryland Harscape Design

Hardscape design can extend living space.

We wired the inside of the fireplace for electric and cable television. Since we completed this job, the customer has reported spending many evenings watching their favorite sporting event relaxing under the stars.

It was very important to this customer to tie in the swim spa area with the outdoor living room space. The base of the swim spa sits on a concrete pad. The base area of the swim spa was given more curb appeal by extending the beautiful stone wall around the base of the swim spa. The backyard living room has an entrance from the driveway, the side of the house, as well as the deck.

Hardscape Design Steps Leading to Bottom Patio

Steps Leading to Bottom Patio and extended rock wall around Swim Spa.

All areas are tied together with a stone walkway and a low stone wall. The walkway continues on the side of the harscape design patio down paved steps to the door to the basement. We graded this area and built high stone walls to protect this entrance from weather. The area also has a smaller patio area that is perfect space for party overflow and easy access to supplies from the basement. The best part of creating hardscape designs such as this one is working with the customer. This customer was so much fun to work with because we were able to communicate ideas back and forth in a collaborative effort and create such a beautiful area.

Hardscape design of stone wall in Frederick Maryland

The stone wall creates beauty while framing the outdoor living roomThat’s why Brett and Bunky meet with every customer at their home to discuss their needs as well as budget for the project. We do not rely on computer generated images for our hardscape design ideas, we create through brainstorm sessions with our customers. This is the only way to truly create a hardscape design that our customer will love and we will be proud of.

Hardscape Design of Bottom Patio Leading into Basement

Lower patio with rock wall leading into basement.

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