5 Things to Consider In Shed Placement

The placement of our storage building can be important to longevity as well as your overall happiness with the purchase of your new shed.

  1. Place your shed in an area that is accessible for your anticipated usage. In other words, if you are buying a shed for gardening equipment, place it close to the garden.
  2. Choose a site that is somewhat clear from low hanging branches. It is very unfortunate to have a branch fall through your shed after a thunder storm. It does happen, but can be prevented.
  3. If you are choosing to forgo the site preparation, place your shed on a level area of your yard.
  4. Consider water drainage when choosing a shed location. Low lying areas that are prone to standing water are not a good choice for placement.
  5. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system be sure to divert the sprinkler heads away from the shed.

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