When do I need a building permit in the City of Hagerstown, MD?

Need extra storage space and live in the city limits of Hagerstown and not within any historic district. Than you need a building permit for any storage shed over 100 square feet, garages need a building permit no matter what size as well as carports

The process to obtain these permits is quite simple with the correct information at hand.For storage sheds, including tool sheds and playhouses – more than 100 square feet, garages, and carports you will need the following information:

2 sets of plot plans to include:

  • All property lines and property dimensions
  • Building Restriction Lines (if known) and utility easements
  • Scale of drawing
  • Property owner name(s)
  • Street address of property
  • Existing dwelling and any other existing structures
  • Existing driveway(s)
  • Detailed dimensions of the proposed new construction
  • Proposed new construction location with setbacks from the proposed new construction to property lines and to the nearest structure in EACH DIRECTION

Sheds Only:

2 sets of construction drawings to include:

  • If constructed off-site – provide the manufacture’s name and specifications.
  • More than 100 and less than 170 square feet
    • Show anchor types and locations
  • More than 170 square feet
    • Footing detail with depth of footing, diameter, and thickness of concrete
    • Design and size of foundation walls and any poured concrete masonry piers
    • Show method of anchoring
  • Framing details for floor, walls, roof, etc. to include
    • Sizes, types, spacing and locations of posts, beams, ledgers, joist, and rafters
    • Flooring material
    • If shed has a porch area – show design and materials proposed for guardrails
  • Exterior finish

Garages and Carports Only:

2 sets of construction drawings to include:

  • Dimensions of new structure
  • Footing detail
    • Depth
    • Width of footing
    • Thickness
    • Reinforcement
  • Design and size of foundation walls and any poured concrete masonry piers
  • Concrete slabs, stairs, or walls
    • Detail thickness
    • Reinforcement
    • Depth of fill
    • Foundation Material
    • Method of support
  • Locations and sizes of doors and windows
  • Design and framing details for headers (windows and doors), floor, walls, roof, stairs, guardrails etc. to include:
    • Posts, beams, ledgers, joist, and rafters
      • Sizes
      • Types
      • Spacing
      • Locations
    • Corner bracing and wall sheathing
    • Roof
      • Slope
      • Sheathing type and thickness
      • Roof covering materials
    • Stairs
      • Width, tread size and height of riser
      • Location of stringers
      • Handrail or guardrail height, location, and design
  • If attached:
    • Type of fire separation
    • Method of attachment
  • Exterior finish

For fees the City of Hagerstown provides you with an online calculator to estimate the costs of building permits.

Building permits can be obtained at The Code Administration Building 3rd floor, City Hall; 1 East Franklin Street; Hagerstown, MD 21740.

For any questions regarding permits for the City of Hagerstown please call 301-790-4163.

The permit offices are open Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30pm.