10×14 Storage Shed Delivered to Jefferson Maryland

Storage Shed

A-Frame Duratemp Storage Shed delivered to Jefferson Maryland

My customers from Jefferson Maryland needed storage shed because they needed storage space for their stuff.   After some consultation, they decided on a 10×14 A-frame Duratemp storage shed.

I helped them create the perfect A-Frame Storage shed by going over their storage needs.  I created a estimate for the building that best suited their needs.  They decided to purchase a storage shed solar light so they could see in their storage shed in the evening or early morning.

We graded their storage shed site and created a perfectly level gravel foundation.  Our site preparation crew is extremely experienced in storage shed foundation work and graded around the shed pad to provide for water drainage.  Many contractors will just dig down in the dirt and fill the area with gravel to create a storage shed pad.  This is not a good idea because over time the area will not stay dry.  The underside of the storage shed may rot due to the constant moisture.  Another issue is that as gravel settles into the ground, so will the storage shed.  When a shed is not level, the doors and windows will not work properly, they will stick, resulting in unnecessary damage to the storage shed.

Our delivery crew waited until a dry day, because we were driving over their yard to deliver the storage shed.  They did not have any obstacles, so we were able to deliver with our delivery truck & trailer.  I provided flags to the customer to mark the exact site of their storage shed in their yard.  When the site preparation team prepared their site, they knew exactly where to dig because of these flags.  The customers didn’t even have to take off work!

The building specifications are as follows:

SHED-A-Frame Shed – Duratemp
Size: 10′ x 14′
Wall Height: 6.5′ (Standard)
Roof Material: Shingles w/ Tar Paper (Standard)
Shutter Style: Vinyl Shutters (Standard)
Window Size: 18″ x 36″ Windows (standard)
Floor Material: Exterior Grade Plywood (Standard)
Sub-Flooring: 16″ on center, 2″ x 4″ Subflooring (Standard)
Ventilation: Roll Ridge Vent (Recommended)
Standard Door: Duratemp (Standard)
Door Trim: Country (Standard)
Exterior Wall Color- Duratemp®: Red
Exterior Trim- Duratemp®: Navajo White
Shutter Color: Navajo White
Roof Color: Dual Black
Lighting: Inside Solar Light
Site Preparation: Gravel Pad
Gravel Pad:

They are happy with our service and product because: She had talked to me and Cindy and was very pleased with our service. The building was done very nice and all around it was a good job.

I was happy we could provide this customer with the perfect shed.  I would love to help you too, please contact me at tammy@4-Outdoor.com. You may also call me at the Boonsboro office (7740 Old National Pike, Boonsboro Maryland) at 301-898-3400.

-Tammy Ackermann

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