Shed Move in Arnold MD

This was a custom storage shed move in Arnold MD. 4-Outdoor reviews every shed move request before charging the customer to ensure the building is able to be moved. This storage barn was custom built without a wood floor so special equipment was used to move the building into the new site without causing any damage to the storage structure.  The customer who purchased this shed move in Arnold MD also requested a concrete pad at the new building site. The storage barn concrete pad was completed by 4-outdoor in a timely manner. shed move in arundal maryland with custom completed concrete site preparation completed by 4-outdoor

concrete pad completed for shed move of a large storage shed without flooring. move completed by 4-outdoor using special shed hauling trailers and equipment concrete pad completed with rebar for extra strength to hold the large storage shed moved onto concrete pad completed by 4-outdoor. 4-outdoor moved the storage shed in arnold md large shed move in arnold md of storage shed built without a wood floor. special equipment was used by 4-outdoor to move the storage barn on to the concrete pad installed by 4-outdoor. 4-outdoor reviews show that they are the best a storage shed moves.