Roof Styles

Roof Styles……Ever wondered about the different roof styles that are made available? When someone says 7/12 pitch, do thoughts of baseball come into your head? What is a Hip Roof? Our Amish Builder sat down and explained what all of this means!

The Roof Pitch

Most homes these days are built with a 5/12 roof pitch or 7/12 roof pitch, and therefore standard sheds like the A-Frame storage shed is built with the 7/12 roof pitch. The New England Style Garage has a 12/12 roof pitch. Flatter roofs  during the winter months require more maintenance so that the weight of the snow does not collapse them.

Hip Roof
Walk around and see if you have a gutter all the way around your roof; if you do then it’s a pretty good chance you have a hip roof. The Hip Roof Portable Garage or the Hip Roof Storage Shed are great examples of this roof style.

The Saltbox or the Quaker are classic shed styles that displays two different roof pitches brought together in one building, and gives you a great overhang!

Barn or Gambrel Roof Style
The classic barn style roof that is associated with the American Farm Community across the country. The Mini Barn Storage Shed and the Dutch Barn Storage Shed are classic designs of this.

Slope or Lean to
The Slope Condo or Lean To shed has been associated with outdoor buildings for over 500 years…the outhouse! Today, these style sheds are great for yards with limited space.

You may also see roof styles like:
The Victorian Storage shed which hosts a dormer over the front door or the Cape Cod Storage Shed which has dormers in the front and the back.