Rent To Own Sheds Maryland

There are a couple of options if you are considering an alternative means of payment on your building. We offer traditional loans as well as a new alternative. We can walk you through whatever process you choose.

If you are purchasing a portable building, you may consider our Rent-To-Own program. You will receive instant approval for this option which means you qualify immediately.

After qualifying, you need as low as $150 security deposit plus first month’s rent to get started. The initial rental term is 1 month, and with each payment made, the agreement is automatically renewed.

You are renting-to-own the building and not purchasing on contract, so if for any reason you need to return the building, you can. There is no fee to purchase your building early, and you actually save money – 45% off the balance.

If you are interested in these options, please let me know & we can start working on this right away-