3 Portable Storage Shed Delivery Methods

The size, height, and proposed site of your storage shed will determine the storage shed delivery method.

  • Portable Storage Sheds: Storage sheds that are built in our factory and delivered fully assembled are referred to as portable storage sheds.  These sheds must meet size restrictions to be hauled fully assembled on the road.  In most cases, we build portable sheds for our customers, after delivery the building is ready for immediate use.  A 4×4 pick up truck and shed trailer is used for a portable storage shed delivery.
  • Built On Site Storage Shed:  After accessing the delivery path for a portable utility shed, a clear deivery path may not exist.  If delivery access issues exist or you require a larger building, we can build your shed on site.  We will panelize a portable shed building in our shop and deliver your storage shed with walls standing.  When we arrive at your home we will reassemble your storage shed in your yard and complete the roof on site.  This saves time and in most cases your shed is completed in a day.
  • Custom Building: The third and final option is a complete custom building design.  This option is for the customer who desires a different style than our standard buildings.  In many cases the new design will have a steeper roof pitch resulting in an increase in the overall height of the building. These buildings are also often larger than our standard storage sheds.