Portable Garden Shed Delivered to Middletown MD

My customer needed a Portable Garden Shed Delivered to Middletown MD because his existing shed was beyond repair. This job had the following special circumstances:  His existing shed needed to be torn out and hauled away in a dumpster.  I helped them create the perfect shed by suggesting style, layout, and colors. We were able to complete the entire job by performing the following site preparation: Gravel pad.  They are happy with our service and product because the shed looks great, is very functional, and is on a solid gravel based.

The Portable Garden Shed Delivered to Middletown MD was a Vinyl Victorian Shed with the following specifications as determined by the customer:
Size: 12′ x 16′
Gable Window: Octagon Window
Wall Height: 6.5′ (Standard)
Roof Material: Architectural Shingle Pewter Gray
Shutter Style: Vinyl Shutters (Standard)
Window Size: 18″ x 36″ Windows (standard)
Floor Material: Exterior Grade Plywood (Standard)
Sub-Flooring: 16′ OC 2″ x 4″ Subflooring (Standard)
Ventilation: Roll Ridge Vent (Recommended)
Standard Door: Polysteel Door (Standard)
Additional Door: 3′ Polysteel Door
Exterior Wall Color- Vinyl: Premium Blue
Exterior Trim- Vinyl: White
Shutter Color: Black
Site Preparation: Gravel Pad *No Fill Dirt
Gravel Pad *No Fill Dirt: 12′ x 16′
Ramp: 6′ Wide Pressure Tx Ramp
Anchor Kit: (6) Rebar Anchors
Old Shed Removal: Old Shed Tear-Out
Weather Conditions: Yard must be dry
Delivery Equipment: Truck & Trailer (Standard)
Tree Branches in Delivery Route: No tree branches under 14′
Delivery Time: Deliver anytime after building checked in
How To Load Building On Truck: Garage doors toward truck
Is Site Marked: Gravel Pad
Low Hanging Wires in Delivery Route: No wires below 14′
Gate Used For Delivery: No Fence

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