Portable Amish Shed in Frederick MD

My customers found our office while looking for a Portable Amish Shed in Frederick MD because they needed more storage at their home. This job had the following special circumstances:  He only had an 8′ gate which required our in-house site preparation team to bucket load the gravel to the site and grade the area with a skid loader. Delivery was completed by placing the Portable Amish Shed in Frederick MD on remote controlled wheels. I helped my customers create the perfect shed by suggesting colors and layout.  We were able to complete the entire job by performing the following site preparation:  Gravel pad.  They are happy with our service and product because the shed looks great and the foundation is solid.

The Portable Amish Shed in Frederick MD that we provided was an A-Frame Storage Shed with the following specifications:
Size: 6′ x 10′
Wall Height: 6.5′ (Standard)
Roof Material: Shingles w/ Tar Paper (Standard)
Shutter Style: Vinyl Shutters (Standard)
Window Size: 18″ x 36″ Windows (standard)
Floor Material: Exterior Grade Plywood (Standard)
Sub-Flooring: 16′ OC 2″ x 4″ Subflooring (Standard)
Ventilation: Roll Ridge Vent (Recommended)
Standard Door: Duratemp (Standard)
Door Trim: Country (Standard)
Exterior Wall Color- Duratemp®: White
Exterior Trim- Duratemp®: White
Shutter Color: White
Roof Color: White
Site Preparation: Gravel Pad
Gravel Pad *No Fill Dirt: 6′ x 10′
Ramp: 4′ Wide Pressure Tx Ramp
Weather Conditions: Yard must be dry
Delivery Equipment: Forklift & or Skid Loader
Tree Branches in Delivery Route: No tree branches under 14′
Delivery Time: Deliver anytime after building checked in
Is Site Marked: Spray Paint on Concrete/Asphalt
Low Hanging Wires in Delivery Route: No wires below 14′
Gate Used For Delivery: 8′ Width

This blog post was written by Cindy Carosella. Cindy has worked for 4-Outdoor as a Project Specialist for close to a decade. Call her today to set up an office consultation at (301) 898-3400. She can also set up an at home evaluation. We love to talk about projects face-to-face, we welcome your visit to our office located at 10409 Old Liberty Road in Frederick Maryland during our office hours of Tuesday through Saturday 9-5 pm.