Oh the choices of siding!

So you have decided to purchase your outdoor building – congratulations! But the choices of siding available to you are making your sweat…..don’t worry! That’s what we are here for!


T1-11 is probably one of the least expensive sidings available but even this has different levels. OSB is basically pressed board which is great for the inside of a building but is not very effective for the outside because after five years owners tend to find the glue that is used in OSB looses its strength and will literally peel away like peeling an onion! If you want a wood exterior then consider T1-11 in either the 3/8″ or 5/8″ thickness. T1-11 does require some maintenance; a touch up of paint every 4 to 5 years should do the trick and keep your building looking just like new!


A majority of houses these days are made with the vinyl siding exterior, and a majority of Home Owners Associations want home owners to match that vinyl siding to any exterior building. Vinyl siding is easy to care for; a hose down is all that is usually required. Vinyl siding adds a touch of class to your exterior structure; 4-Outdoors understands and works with all home owners to match your siding to your house siding, even if your house is fuchsia pink or mint green.


Vinyl Siding Vs. Fiber Cement thumbnail

Hardiplank is a wood product but with a difference; it is laced with fiber-cement or cellulose fibers which makes this product more durable and can act like a insulation. If properly painted and maintained it can last longer than vinyl. It can enhance any building with a look like no other.

Board and Batten

Board and Batten siding is mostly associated with barns in America, but is completely underestimated as a siding for sheds and garages. Pine Board and Batten and Cedar Board and Batten are beautiful when maintained; washing and staining are recommended to maintain the beauty of this look. Pair it with stone and you have yourself a beautiful unique look!

LP Lap Siding

LP Lap Siding and is considered top of the line. It is lightweight like T1-11 but is treated with a SmartGuard that protects it against fungal decay and termite damage, and because of this process and the way the manufacturers handle it, it makes it one of the few environmentally friendly products on the market.