New Product Alert! Modular Horse Barn Delivered MD VA WV

Modular and custom built horse barns are now available at 4-outdoor, see all our horse barn models here. 

If you are looking for a large horse barn, visit our office, located at 10409 Old Liberty Road, Frederick Md 21701 to see the display model pictured in this post.  This modular horse barn was built in the shop and delivered prefabricated with all stalls completed. The modular horse barn sides are set with space between as the center of the barn. The second story is prefabricated as well and set on top of the structure with a crane. Concrete piers are recommended for modular two story horse barns and can be completed by our experienced site preparation crew. The entire process only takes a couple days. Imagine housing for eight or more horses completed in just a few days!  Stop dreaming and make it a reality today, call or stop in for a free estimate today!