Keep Cool in the Summertime

Keep cool this summer!

Summertime can be brutal on the flowers but it can also beat your storage shed up, especially when the temperatures fly up into the 90 – 100°f range. It can also bring some wild weather. Summer storms, Derechos, even hurricanes and tornadoes are not impossible for anyone in the Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia area. There is very little that can be done about tornadoes or hurricanes, but you could ask about securing the shed to a concrete slab.
When ordering your shed, ask about having TechShield ® radiant barrier installed. This is something the builder can install that will lower the temperature inside your shed by up to 30%. Ventilate your building; open windows and wherever possible open doors
A floor is not always necessary in a shed; when a site is properly prepared with landscaping tarp, sand and crush and run it does help keep the grass and weeds away but this will not always keep the insects or animals away unless you purchase the insect repellant type landscaping tarp. An alternative to be considered is a concrete slab on top of black plastic to prevent the weeds and grass from growing up through, then hurricane bolt your shed to the slab. It also proves a great way to help keep cool and keep the shed clean because then you can poxy coat it and even hose the floor down!
Shingled roofs unfortunately are more susceptible to damage than a metal or baked enamel roof. If at all possible and if your HOA, City or State will allow it, try for a metal or baked enamel roof. When high winds are around it is easier for shingles to be lost or damaged than it is to rip off  this type of roof.