Custom Two Story Garage Built in Dickerson Maryland

Custom Two Story Garage 24’x 28′ Built By 4-Outdoor

This Custom Two Story Garage in Dickerson Maryland was designed and built by 4-Outdoor. The dimensions of this building are 24′ x 28′ (twenty-four feet wide and twenty-eight feet deep). Our work included submitting the required paperwork to the county and obtaining the necessary permits.

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Custom Two Story Garage Design & Implementaion

The exterior of this Custom Two Story Garage has durable vinyl siding. The roof has a 12/12 pitch at gable and is metal. There are two 28’ (twenty-eight foot) row dormers on the roof, which extend the head space in on the second floor of this Custom Two Story Garage. The stairs leading to the second floor of the garage are 36” (thirty-six inches) wide and include a wooden railing for safety.

There is plenty of natural light in this Custom Two Story Garage; it includes eight 30” x 36” (thirty inches by thirty-six inches) vinyl insulated windows. On the first floor, a 6’x6’ (six foot wide by six foot tall) sliding patio door leads to the outside. There are two standard 9’ x 7’ (nine foot wide by seven foot tall) insulated garage doors. Our crew completed the concrete site preparation and the retaining wall.

Custom Two Story Professional Site Preparation

In order to complete the Custom Two Story Garage, we also removed an existing building and a few trees. We created a driveway leading from the garage by grading the ground for proper drainage, placing heavy-duty filter fabric, then an adequate layer of proper gravel. The use of the proper grade of gravel will allow the driveway to compact over time.

Full Service Builder of Two Story Garages

This Custom Two Story Garage project also included an electric package. The interior was wired to include interior and exterior lights and several GFCI circuits.

Custom Two Story Garage Project Bullet Points:

  • 24′ x 28′ Custom Vinyl Garage
  • Concrete prep and retaining walls
  • Tear out of existing building
  • Tree removal
  • Electric
  • Driveway created with gravel and filter fabric