Custom Ticket booth in Virginia

This custom ticket booth was built for our customer in Virginia to use for seasonal outdoor events. The ticket booth has a single slope roof, double doors, a single entry door, and a large window to display products. The large window can be used during the holiday season to display Christmas decorations, such as a children’s tour.  The portable ticket booth is easy to move to any area of the customer’s extensive property for all of their seasonal outdoor events. The ticket booth in Virginia can be used for a pumpkin patch, outdoor running event or hayride. Our staff worked with the customer to create the perfect building for their needs, this building style is not displayed on our website.

Display stand

outdoor portable ticket booth for outdoor events custom built and designed by 4-Outdoor in Frederick MD Large window in portable ticket booth provides space to display products side door to portable ticket booth provides easy access inside building ticket booth is solution to running events and any outdoor gathering that requires customers to check in or participants to pay to enter through the ticket booth Large glass window provides light and plenty of space to display holiday display