#4188 12×24 Vinyl Portable Garage for Sale $6385 – Frederick, MD

12×24 A-Frame portable garage with sandal wood siding, white trim, brown shutters, and shakewood shingles.

A-Frame Portable Garage with vinyl siding
Size: 12′ x 24′
Roof Material: Architectural Shingle Shakewood
Shutter Style: Vinyl Shutters (Standard)
Window Size: 24″ x 36″ Windows (Standard)
Ventilation: Roll Ridge Vent (Recommended)
Standard Side Door: 3′ Polysteel Door (Standard)
Standard Garage Door: 9′ x 7′ (Standard >12′ Wide Buildings)
Exterior Wall Color- Vinyl: Sandalwood
Exterior Trim- Vinyl: White
Shutter Color: Brown
Roof Style: Architectural

If this building works for you, call our office in Frederick, Maryland at (301) 898-3400 or email info@4-outdoor.com.  If this building is not the right fit, we have more to offer! Check out all our styles of prefab storage garages for sale.

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